NetBSD Current installation

The aim was to install NetBSD with support for “suspend to ram”. This feature only works in CURRENT 5.99.x (afaik). After testing 5.0.2 and 5.1RC I’ve decide give a chance to current, learn in the process and see … It helps the fact I own a second hard disk for my laptop (thinkpad R61) to make experiments.

Install a fresh NetBSD current from cdrom is pretty easy. You need to download an daily iso, for examle:

and download “boot.iso”. Note this is for a “i386” installation. Why not install “amd64”? well, we can but some ports (pkgsrc) are not ready for “amd64”. In fact, “wine” does not compile either for “i386” due to weird errors, but… it will when fixed, I hope.

NetBSD lacks support for things like “SMAPI” and battery thresholds. But It supports thinkpad ACPI so…

I will not cover the full NetBSD installation from CDROM, there is information enough in the internet. You’ll need an internet connection working in order to download the packages (the CDROM is only for booting and launch the installation process). Be sure you install sources for kernel (sys). If you don’t you always can grab them from cvs (I’ll cover it in a future post).

At the end you’ll finish with a system almost fully functional but it will need some configuration.

This page helped me a lot:

Other pages worth to read:


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