NetBSD: Fix Thinkpad R61 acpi lid detection

NetBSD 5.99 out of the box don’t detect the closed/open lid in my Thinkpad R61. I  found the solution in this article:

I must say this solution is for T60 and T61, but R61 architecture is pretty similar to those, so it works in mine.

So, first I dump the R61 dsdt:

acpidump -o r61.dsdt
acpi-iasl -d r61.dsdt

Then edit the new ‘r61.dsl’ file generated previously with the second order, and find the string ‘Method (_LID’. Change this routine to be like:

Method (_LID, 0, NotSerialized)
                    Store (^^PCI0.LPC.EC.HPLD, LIDS)
                    XOr (LIDS, One, Local0)
                    If (Local0)                       
                        Notify (SLPB, 0x80)               
                    Return (LIDS)

Then compile the new dsl file:

acpi-iasl -tc r61.dsl

Put the ‘r61.hex’ file obtained before in an appropiate place in order to compile the kernel with it. In my case I put it in ‘/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/conf/’. Next edit your kernel configuration file and add the following lines:

options ACPI_DSDT_FILE=”\”/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/conf/r61.hex\””

Now compile your kernel:

cd /usr/src/sys/arch/i386/conf
cd ../compile/MYKERNEL
make depend
cp /netbsd /netbsd.old
cp netbsd /

and reboot. Now your thinkpad T/R60/1 should suspend/resume when lid is open or closed.

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I'm a guy interested in technology, bsd fan and concerned about the world around.
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