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FreeBSD: Disable APM in disk (to avoid load/unload heads)

Laptop drive’s live is limited. One parameter that reflects how old your disk is the load_cycle_count. It can be read using the command ‘smartctl’ available in the ‘smartmontools’ port. To install this port: cd /usr/ports/sysutils/smartmontools make install make clean Then … Continue reading

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FreeBSD: Disabling HAL automount on login

My Thinkpad R61 with 250Gb has NetBSD and FreeBSD dual boot. When running FreeBSD and Gnome, Hal insanely tries to mount the NetBSD partition. If FreeBSD hangs (when suspend/resume and an 3G usb stick attached) the NetBSD partition need to … Continue reading

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FreeBSD: powerd and power_profile in my Thinkpad R61

I’m not satisfied with the PC-BSD power management or FreeBSD standards. It seems the default powerd configuration in PC-BSD and the stuff you cand find in the FreeBSD Handbook is more appropiate for a desktop-computer. With the default PC-BSD power … Continue reading

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