FreeBSD: Suspend/Resume working in PC-BSD 8.2 STABLE 20101206 (amd64)

I’m very grateful with people have made possible PC-BSD 8-2 STABLE 20101206 amd64. It’s simply amazing: the first FreeBSD with SMP Kernel able to suspend/resume perfectly (at least in last 48 hours). Other FreeBSD/PC-BSD versions in amd64 flavour were able to suspend/resume a limited number of times or directly hang the computer on resume. This seems to work in a finest way.

Only thing is needed to get suspend/resume working is compile the kernel with USB as modules, not integrated in the kernel. I’ve written a post you can read in:


An snapshot with PC-BSD STABLE 20101206 can be grabbed from:


So, PC-BSD people: thanks for this great work!


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I'm a guy interested in technology, bsd fan and concerned about the world around.
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