FreeBSD: PCBSD 9.0 RC2

After several weeks using PCBSD 9.0RC2 I must say I’m very pleased with its performance. In my experiences is more or less similar as PCBSD 8.2.

Here some tips about my experience with it:

  • In AMD64 flavour no suspend/resume support out of the box.
  • There are 2 ways to get it (suspend/resume):
  1. Compile the kernel with usb stuff as modules (see my post for 8.2). In my Thinkpad R61 ‘umass’ don’t work after resume.
  2. Apply the following patch: In my Thinkpad R61 ‘umass’ works only after the first resume, after the second it works no more (until next restart).
  • As it’s a RC version you can’t add packages as usual in FreeBSD via ‘pkg_add’. Everything has to be installed via ports or pbi.
  • KDE4 runs pretty well and Compiz is good replacement for native KDE4 window manager. It runs smoothly.
  • PCBSD 9.0 includes ‘amountd’ to be able to mount/unmount external drives. In KDE4 this is not necessary because KDE4 includes its own hal implementation. ‘amountd’ was developed by ‘aragon’ ( I had a small contribution to it developing a couple of scripts for XFCE4 desktop. This scripts make or remove desktop icons to mount/unmount drive, but the hard work is done by aragon’s script ‘amountd’. Kris Moore improve if for PCBSD 9.0, giving support to other desktop environments. So thanks to ‘aragon’ and Kris by their work.
  • A new tool to configure/connect to wifi networks has been added. Now connect with wifi is very easy. But it needs to improve. For example, after a suspend/resume cycle the network interface is not able to connect automatically and when done manually no IP is configured, and it’s necesary to run dhclient for tha interface (usually wlan0).

PCBSD 9.0 and people involved in this project are doing a good job, giving best of themselves. I’m sure in the future we will see other improvements. I would ask to FreeBSD team to improve the suspend/resume support in laptops, in order to gain power saving and laptop’s mobility.


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I'm a guy interested in technology, bsd fan and concerned about the world around.
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