OpenBSD 5.1/current and Thinkpad T410: problems with suspend/resume an usb ports

Recently I bought a Thinkpad T410 with Intel HD graphics card. OpenBSD 5.1 and current support  this card. This is great: FreeBSD and NetBSD haven’t a good support yet.
Almost everything runs fine in T410 with OpenBSD… almost… One of the OpenBSD brighter features for laptop users is the ability to suspend and resume. T410 can suspend and resume but, on resume, no power is present in the USB ports. This is very dissapointing, because you’re forced to restart if you need to insert a mouse or a pendrive.

Now I back to Linux in my T410 but maintain OpenBSD 5.1 in my R61.

Update: Theo de Raadt has confirmed there is a problem with usb ports on resume in Thinkpads T410, T510, X201, and X201s.   Theo says he spent a lot of time finding a solution. I hope this bug can be solved in 5.2.


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I'm a guy interested in technology, bsd fan and concerned about the world around.
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