Linux: share 3g connection with the internal network

It’s very easy to share an internet connection with iptables and NAT+IP Forward+IP Masquerade. But in my case I needed to share the 3G connection via wifi, and my computer’s nic is not able to work in ad-hoc mode. So I have to use an external wifi router. This router is connected to my Thinkpad R61’s eth0 port, and it needs to obtain its wan IP address via DHCP. So a DHCP server is needed in order to provide the IP and the Gateway for the wifi router.

I coded a simple script as:



systemctl stop NetworkManager.service

sleep 2

ifconfig eth0 up
service dhcpd restart
sleep 2
ifconfig eth0 up

sleep 2
wvdial 3g &

sleep 2


First relevant line disables the NetworkManager, to avoid the eth0 port gets an IP. eth0 must have an static ip.

Middle lines configures the static IP server address, restart the dhcpd server, and start the 3g connection with wvdial.

Last line launch the firewall (redundant if it is configured as a service).

All the need configurations can be grabbed from:

Linux: DHCP server

Linux: 3G connection with wvdial

Linux: a home firewall

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