FreeBSD: NFS automount with AutoFS

This applies only to FreeBSD 10.1 and newer. Previous FreeBSD releases must use amd.

Personally, I dislike ‘amd’. Its configuration is a bit complex. Autofs configuration is pretty simple.

I want to automount 2 folders from my ReadyNas Duo:

First, enable autofs:



Next, edit /etc/auto_master pointing to the map file with the folders to automount:


/mnt/nas        /etc/auto.nas

Take note ‘/mnt/nas’ is the point where the folders will be mounted.

Then create a file with the map:


media -intr,nfsv3
backup -intr,nfsv3

Finally start autofs:

service start automount

service start automountd

service start autounmountd

In a terminal or file browser go to /mnt/nas/media and /mnt/nas/backup to check if autofs works.

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I'm a guy interested in technology, bsd fan and concerned about the world around.
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