FreeBSD: virtualized acestream

Linux binary sopcast runs smoothly in FreeBSD but nowadays acestream transmissions are much more common. And there’s no binary acestream for FreeBSD. I have been unsuccessful in trying to run linux binary acestream in FreeBSD. The only way to get it running was with a virtualized (VirtualBox) linux running the acestream engine, the ValdikSS aceproxy running in FreeBSD and VLC for watching.


acestream in a virtualized linux

With VirtualBox install a linux able to run acestream. My choice was Debian 8 Jessie i386.In order to be able to talk with the acestreamengine from FreeBSD Host the virtual machine run in Host-Only Adapter mode. Check my previous post

The virtual machine has the address The FreeBSD host has the address

After this install acestream engine from:

In a terminal launch acestream with:

acestreamengine --client-console --bind-all

‘–bind-all’ parameter permit to the acestreamengine accept connections not only from It’s needed in order to get the ValdikSS aceproxy working.

redirect port 8621 to the linux virtual machine

acestreamengine use by default the 8621 port to communicate with internet. So this port has to be redirected. In my pf.conf:

rdr pass on wlan0 inet proto udp from any to any port = 8621 ->
rdr pass on wlan0 inet proto tcp from any to any port = 8621 ->
rdr pass on em0 inet proto udp from any to any port = 8621 ->
rdr pass on em0 inet proto tcp from any to any port = 8621 ->


There are duplicated rules to cover when my computer is working with wifi and cable., as I said before, is the linux guest running acestreamengine.

ValdikSS aceproxy in the FreeBSD Host

Get the software:

git clone

Follow the instructions at

Modify to configure the acestreamengine address and to permit connections from the network

acehost = ''

. . .

firewallnetranges = (

Next you’ll need:

  • in a terminal launch:

vlc -I telnet --telnet-password admin

  • in another terminal:


It only rests test the configuration. Open a VLC instance pointing to:

where CID is the 40-digit Ace Stream ID.


KODI and Plexus

The other way to watch Ace Streams is with KODI and the plexus plugin (maybe P2Pstreams too). After install kodi and plexus (find the internet to know how) configure plexus with acestream in mode server remote engine and the AceStream engine IP address

In my Thinkpad T420s watching a stream in HD VirtualBox consumes about 45% CPU in one core and VLC about 15%-20% in another one. The temperature is about 60-66ºC. It’s pretty acceptable.




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