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FreeBSD 10.3: Configure OpenVPN client

In this article VPNBook provider has been chosen. Check here what they provide: Go to and download a certificate bundle. I’ve chosen Euro1 Server. After download it you’ll finish with a zip named something like: After … Continue reading

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FreeBSD: virtualized acestream

Linux binary sopcast runs smoothly in FreeBSD but nowadays acestream transmissions are much more common. And there’s no binary acestream for FreeBSD. I have been unsuccessful in trying to run linux binary acestream in FreeBSD. The only way to get … Continue reading

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FreeBSD: PF and NAT for internal network

Recently I’ve needed to install another Linux OS in a virtualbox machine (FreeBSD as host) with a Host-Only Adapter network configuration. This permits to have connectivity between the host and the guest as two single machines in a network. As … Continue reading

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FreeBSD: no booting GPT slices with buggy bios laptops

It seems there is a problem with some bios that refuse to boot when the disk is partitioned with GPT. My laptop is a Lenovo T420s and FreeBSD (indeed PCBSD) is installed in second disk (ultrabay), gpt style partitions and … Continue reading

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FreeBSD: Replace syscons with vt and get compositing working in KDE after suspend/resume

In my case it was necessary to recompile a kernel with the following options: #device vga # VGA video card driver # #device splash # Splash screen and screen saver support # # syscons is the default console driver, resembling … Continue reading

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Sometimes, when installing some python module with pip or easy_install the following error arises:   [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed In FreeBSD 10.1 it can be quickly fixed doing: pkg install ca_root_nss-3.17.3_1 ln -s /usr/local/share/certs/ca-root-nss.crt /etc/ssl/cert.pem

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FreeBSD: Calibre Patch for Sony Ebook Reader PRS-T3

Probably this patch works for others ebook readers, but only has been tested with Sony PRS-T3. There is a thread about a hacking Calibre for a Kobo Aura HD in: but this method didn’t work with my device. My … Continue reading

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